3 Ways To Transform Your Place With Just A Coat Of Paint.

Paint is one of the easiest and cheapest home décor tools available. It has the ability to take a dark, dingy room and turn it into a clean, bright, cheery place. While painting the walls makes the most impact in a room, there are several other ways to use paint that don’t require a huge commitment. Here are three ways to transform your place by applying just a coat of paint.

1. Add A Pop Of Color To Your Furniture

While your walls certainly provide a large canvas in which to express your personality, your furniture also offers a great way to add a pop of color to a room. Painting the furniture is especially great for people who rent and aren’t allowed to paint their walls.

If you have a matching set of furniture, or your furniture matches too well to the flooring or other areas of the room, mix it up a bit by painting one or more of the pieces a bold color. You’ll love the way it breaks up the monotony and reflects your personality and you’ll still get your security deposit back when you move.

2. Consider Painting Paneling

If you live in an older home that has dark paneling on the walls, you may be thinking of ripping it out. Save yourself some time and money by simply painting the paneling instead.

Paneling looks amazing when painted a light, muted color. Many people think it’s a sin to paint over wood, but paneling has just enough texture to make the walls look really spectacular with a fresh coat of paint.

Be sure to choose a nice neutral color for the paneling and save the bolder, brighter colors for accent pieces.

3. Use Bold Colors Wisely

If you’re going for a dramatic effect in your home, use bold colors sparingly. By painting the walls a bold color in only one or two rooms in your home, you create a more dramatic, memorable effect than if you painted each room a different and equally bold color.

Strive for continuity throughout your home, especially if it’s an open-concept floor plan, and add a splash of color here and there for the best effect.

Word Of Advice: Test Paint Colors Before Buying

Finding the right paint color is difficult. What looks good to you in the store will likely look terrible to you once you get it on the walls. It costs a few dollars to buy paint samples, but it’s worth every penny when you discover just how many wrong choices you can make without them.

Buy a few paint samples, apply them to a large area of the wall or piece of furniture, and view it in different lighting once it’s dry to ensure the color is exactly what you envisioned.